Business Websites

Eternale Beauty Systems

Eternale Beauty Systems provides women and men with regeneration of self and the beauty that comes from within. This is how we reflected that in the Eternale site.

Making sense of web designer job titles

Jr Designer, Sr Designer, UI Designer, Interactive Designer, Art Director, Creative Director, UX Director. Let’s make sense of these web designer job titles

Desert King International

Desert King International was founded in 1978 as a pioneer in jojoba oil production. It rapidly became the largest and most reputable jojoba oil producer setting the standards for quality jojoba oil products.

DSI Entertainment Systems: Case Study

In the case of DSI Entertainment Systems, the site is one of the more impressive ones we’ve seen on a prospect, especially given the resources they have.

Issa Homes launches new website

Backed by our customized WordPress CMS, Issa Homes launched with a completely redesigned site designed to be clean, minimal and search-engine friendly.

Our Website Design Process

We have a website design process that takes advantage of clients’ skills and our expertise to deliver optimized websites on a budget under tight deadlines.

HTML5 Boilerplate Case Study: 400Hitter

For more than 10 years, 400Hitter has provided powerful web-based tools for league commissioners and managers to quickly and easily provide statistics, rosters, schedules, results and more for their baseball leagues.


  • Can be setup and configured for your league and organization.
  • Allows managers to setup team sites in seconds.
  • Allows commissioners to organize their league with ease using the commissioner tools.
  • Allows managers to enter their rosters at the start of the season and then add their player stats quickly and easily after each game.
  • Gives media outlets RSS feeds and automated emails of linescores and standings.
  • Provides site widgets, web services and data feeds, offering a variety of integration.

But 400Hitter needed a redesign. Badly, quickly and right away.

This is what the site looked like before:

This is what they will be replacing it with:

In less than five business days, Matt Walker designed the site and created the brand using Photoshop and Illustrator.

When he finished, he handed it over to one of our developers who transformed it into HTML, CSS and Javascript for the client to implement.

He did this in less than six hours, using HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery provided via the outstanding HTML5 Boilerplate system developed by Paul Irish.

Basically, the HTML5 Boilerplate removes 95 percent of the repetitive work to set a solid structure and base for a website.

We through in a standard 1008 pixel-wide, 24-column, 10 pixel-gutter grid, and this allowed us to deliver the client the completed project in less than half the time it would normally take.