Ruby on Rails Development

What is Agile Development?

What is agile development? Agile development is used as an umbrella term for different types of software development.

What is Test-Driven Development?

What is test driven development? This is a question that one might ask that would like to begin using this method but they’ve never had previous experience with it before.

Ruby vs Java

Ruby vs Java: In the field of web technology development some entrepreneurs lack the time to work with the latest and greatest technologies.

The History of Ruby

The history of Ruby is interesting. Ruby is a general purpose object oriented programming language that is written in C.

Companies using Ruby on Rails

The number of companies using Ruby on Rails grows everyday. Oracle, Electronic Arts, IBM, JP Morgan, Oakley, Oracle, Siemens, ThoughtWorks, and Yahoo. If these companies rely and trust it, so can all businesses.

warning: already initialized constant WFKV_

Rails developers, did you just start getting the annoying error “warning: already initialized constant WFKV_” when starting your server, running specs/test and running take tasks? Here’s the solution.

CI Joe: We love and hate you

We’re using CI Joe for continuous integration for one of our projects. But CI Joe, RVM, bundler has a problem.

ESPN: Ruby on Rails Case Study

Did you know that a large section of ESPN runs on Ruby on Rails? To explain how this came to be, we need to go back a few years.

Using Head.js in WordPress and Rails 3

Head.js is a rocking technology that helps you load your pages faster and more efficiently. In this post, we’ll show you how to use it with Ruby on Rails 3 and WordPress