New York Times

Everyone knows the New York Times.

It’s the preeminent print media company in the United States.

But what many people don’t realize is that the New York Times actually owns a chain of newspapers similar to Gannet, Hearst, Tribune Company and Scripps.

New York Regional Newspaper Group owns newspapers in Alabama, Florida, South Carolina, Louisiana, North Carolina and California.

We had to pleasure to work with NYTRG for nearly two years, and we learned more about digital technology and the Internet while on this job than any other.

That’s largely because we did some of everything.

We integrated the company’s Internet Content Management System with their InDesign and Quark, which automated the publishing of the digital paper with the print paper.

Before we did that, producers had to spend hours going through Quark manually and copy and paste content from one system to the other. Needless to say, this was incredibly tedious.

We also worked on four different redesigns for four different sites, so we learned a lot about A/B testing, usability testing and working with a massive amount of feedback.

We even learned a bit of Delphi as the content management system was built on the obscure language.

We provided training to new developers and producers and support for the newsroom and its staff.

We helped plan content packages and worked to explain the differences between print and online.

Video, photos, articles – we created it all, and, in the process, learned the grind and stress involved with being on a 24-hour news cycle.

Overhaul, working with the New York Times set the foundation for many of the things we do today, and this was 10 years ago!


Cody is a brilliant programmer who has the creativity to think of what would be really cool to do and then has the technical know-how to pull it off. Tons of energy and fun to work with too.

Tim Davis, New Media Manager, Gainesville Sun/New York Times Regional Newspaper Group