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Your Social Media Guide

Social Media is becoming more important by the day. Every time someone predicts that social media is a bubble or a fade, it gets bigger and more important.

The truth is social media is not going away. Organizations will have to adopt it and assimilate it into their individual cultures. Marketing executives and C-level executives from major corporations to owners of small- to mid-sized companies here this and know they have to “do social media.”

Unfortunately, there is a lot of disinformation out there about social media that conveys importance but not understanding. In fact, companies don’t “do social media.” They adopt the possibilities, opportunities and channels that social media exposes to become better companies by generating leads, serving customers and becoming more efficient.

We have helped companies from the size of Disney and ESPN to one-person companies do this, so we know the typical questions and concerns you have. That’s why we’ve put together this guide. We will write about Social Media Basics, Social Media Engagement, Social Media Measurement and Social Media Monitoring, which we have found to be the hottest topics right now.

We will try to use real client examples to illustrate our points, but this is your opportunity to get free advice and guidance from professional consultants. Leave us comments, shoot us emails or ping us on Twitter or Facebook with specific questions and we’ll try to address theme here.

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