GatorSports was a big job, and we didn't have much help.

No matter what projects we tackle, GatorSports always will hold a special place for us. was the first project we tackled in the sports industry, and it provided us the perfect experience to start our technology careers.


Well, GatorSports is the source of record for University of Florida athletics, so it’s flooded with traffic from rabid Gator Fans from all over the country, meaning we had to deal with serious spikes in traffic when football season rolled around and needed to scale quickly.

Secondly, we constantly had to innovate and get faster. Competition was fierce. Not only did we have to make sure we had the story on before anyone else, we had to keep coming up with new, engaging content to keep the audience coming back. So we created applications, packages, video, photo galleries, message boards, whatever it took to stay fresh and more appealing than that competition.

Also, we stepped into a situation where only two full-time employees were working on, and even they could only spend about 40% of their time on it, so we had our hands in ever facet of the operation – from design, to frontend development, to sys admin – we did it all.

Finally, we got to work with and learn from some amazing people, including Tim Davis and Joel Axon, who were incredibly talented and level-headed.

After GatorSports, no job or project seemed to daunting.


Cody is a brilliant programmer who has the creativity to think of what would be really cool to do and then has the technical know-how to pull it off. Tons of energy and fun to work with too.

Tim Davis, New Media Manager, Gainesville Sun/New York Times Regional Newspaper Group