Think Like a Gardener for Ongoing Search Engine Optimization Success

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Finding accurate information on search engine optimization can often feel like one is struggling to hold onto a greased pig. Just when you think you have a handle on the correct ways to optimize your content, those optimization principles seem to wriggle free from your grasp. It is not that you failed to have a firm grasp on the principles; it is in fact that the accepted methods of optimization have changed. This reality has never been truer than it is presently. With social media’s growing impact upon search engine ranking combined with ongoing algorithm changes by major search engines, webmasters can have a difficult time achieving steady search engine ranking placement (SERP).

One factor that can impact upon the SEO of content is whether that content is shared socially or not. No longer is simply posting quality content enough to garner ongoing search engine ranking placement. In order for content to gain and maintain strong placement within search engine rankings, that content has to be shared via social media networks. This means posting links to the content on the company’s Facebook wall. This means tweeting links to the newly posted content on your Twitter stream. If your content includes images, pinning your images with links to your content on Pinterest is another excellent tool to assist you in climbing the ranks within search engine rankings. Whether you stumble your content on StumbleUpon, post the occasional tidbit to Reddit, or share your content with your Google+ Circles, it is all about creating online chatter for your content. Each time your content is shared via social media networks, those shares send strong signals to search engine crawlers. With growing frequency, those social media signals are being used as search engine crawlers as a means of determining popularity and relevancy.

Another factor to pay attention to in order to achieve stronger search engine optimization is freshness. With ongoing search engine algorithm changes, freshness is fast becoming another metric used to determine content placement online. Here again, posting quality content is not enough. In order for your content to maintain a reasonable place in search engine rankings, it needs to be updated on an ongoing basis. Webmasters now need to tend to their content like gardeners watching over their sprouting seedlings. A touch of new information here and a revised sub-heading there may be all it takes to give quality content a fresh boost in the search engine rankings. Content kept isolated and not tended to, does not stand a very good chance of growing to its full potential. It needs to be updated and added to in order to fully bloom.

The field of search engine optimization is in a constant state of flux. For a webmaster to maintain strong ranking in search engine placement, they need to stay on top of the ongoing changes to what is currently considered best practices within the industry. From unique article titles to relevancy of surrounding content, there is a growing impetus on webmasters to do more than simply post quality content. While the term “quality is king” is more important than ever, the behind the scenes actions of a webmaster are fast growing in importance. Maintaining an awareness of the ongoing changes in the industry will enable a webmaster to ensure that their content is optimized to its full potential.

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