PaSS vs SaaS: What’s the Difference?


Cloud computing is something that most people wouldn’t know anything about if you were to ask them if they knew what it was. There are also various different answers that you might get out of those that have different experiences with cloud computing. This can be a frustrating situation for people that know nothing about cloud computing and want to learn more about it. However, one thing that you should keep in mind as to why you would be getting different descriptions about cloud computing online and from people that you ask is because there are so many different ways that cloud computing can be used.

In this article, two different terms of using cloud computing will be discussed. We will be taking a look at and comparing Software as a Service and Platform as a Service or pass vs sass.

There are some very basic ways to describe these two forms of cloud computing and how they can be used. Although sass and pass both have their differences, some of the similarities of the two include that they are cost effective, secure, on demand, and scalable. They are all automatic so that when they are set up the worker will be able to focus on other factors of their businesses as opposed to keeping up with maintenance on the software or hardware.


SaaS is just the abbreviation that you will regularly see for the term Software as a Service. This software is web based, secure, and cost effective. Those that use the internet on a regular basis take advantage of SaaS. As long as you have an internet connection, including on your mobile phone device, you are able to use SaaS. SaaS is able to be customized to certain settings that the user is comfortable with. It is low maintenance; once it is up and running there is no need to do anything else to keep it operating. Since SaaS providers maintain the servers you will also find that this method is low maintenance as well. Any upgrades that are available will be applied automatically to your system as soon as they are available.

There are various different examples of SaaS everywhere to consider so that you will have a better idea of how it works. For businesses that use this application, such as Salesforce, you will see that there are CRM tools available; banking services, CAD/CAM, project managing tools, WebEX, Gmail, Yahoo mail, Twitter, and other major websites have utilized SaaS. Depending upon what type of services these online major companies need, it could be free, or it might be paid for monthly or yearly.


PaaS is Platform as a Service. This term refers to the usage of application developing platforms. The developing tool is hosted by the cloud and is utilized all over the internet. This service is also maintained by the PaaS provider.

Here are programs that utilize PaaS:

  • Long Jump
  • Wavemaker
  • Bungee Connect
  • AppEngine

The developers are usually very familiar with these platforms since they are often platforms that continue to utilize this method.

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