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Ruby on Rails Development

Ruby vs Java: In the field of web technology development some entrepreneurs lack the time to work with the latest and greatest technologies. Instead, they either stick to the technology they know or hurriedly decide on a new technology and run with it.

If one has that tight budget regarding money and time then Ruby is probably the best option to choose because of its capability of providing fast feedback. Moreover, if you have the money and time then you might consider using Java because it is a lot more suitable to grow with his/her business.

Either way, both of these technology methods can fail at being the perfect method as they both have their disadvantages.

Continue to read on and learn more about the pros of each one of these methods so that you can better understand how they work. Language wars do not make sense. As, Ruby is great for its terseness,readability and flexibility. Where as Java is great for its performances.

Here is a list of the basic pros about Ruby

1)Ruby is elegant
2)Ruby is meaningful
3)Ruby is flexible
4)Ruby is easily extensible
5)Ruby is terse
6)Ruby is interpreted, Java is compiled
7)Ruby use dynamic typing
8)Ruby syntax is terse
9)Everything in Ruby is an object
10)Core classes can be extended easily
11)Ruby requires ‘activesupport’
12)Ruby uses ‘Blocks’ in syntax

But Java is the winner on performance field.

On entrepreneurial point of view

1)Java is a well-known technology
2)Lots of developments have been made with it
3)Easy to find experts
4)Still not that much available Ruby developers
5)Opensource fear

When we focus on the issues and pressures a web technology entrepreneur has to face we will see he/she balance out the whole process by sequencing the following choices with priority

1)Time to market: How long will it take to put the desired features into the program,configure the hosting ambiance and maneuver the software. Sooner one can garner feedback from userbase, sooner one can implement and adjust his business model.

2)Costs: Free open source software and cheap or free hosting ambiance is lucrative. Simultaneously the licensing costs of servers and support are the the needfuls to scale one’s system.

3)Long term scalability and growth of business: You definitely want to build a robust user base for your mix technology support. You will need to channel your hosting environment to support a huge user activity and make it so amiable that programmers can quickly learn and be prolific with it.

In a nutshell, Java is worse for programmers as it is too complex and too slow to develop,configure and manuevre web apps. Whereas Ruby wins over it as it excels over time to market and low costs. But, deals crooked when it comes to scalability. The exciting fact is that Java and Ruby can result in a tie when it comes to entrepreneurial experience. Their individual values regarding the three aforesaid entrepreneurial choices bring about similar costs and effects to the entrepreneur as it will seem to be a results and effects manipulation. And yes it is when I find out about JRuby. JRuby makes them both talk together. Ruby + Java is a great and fascinating combo.

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